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Feedback campaigns are no longer an optional process for Businesses, Clubs, Governments or any service oriented industry -it has become a truly crucial part of the decision-making process.

Online / Tablet /Kiosk based surveys provide insight into the decision making of an organization, which will benefit in many ways.
  • Know more your Customers : It is a tool that identify and list your Customers
  • Keep in touch with them : This vital tool keeps us in touch with our Customers
  • Feel them that you care : A good gesture to show that you value customer's opinion/
  • Serve them better : With the feed backs you can improve your services and products
Our online survey platform offers wide variety of solutions to make an effective survey:

  • Online Survey
  • E-mail Survey
  • Tab / PDA Survey
  • Kiosk Survey

Product & Services

Online Survey Platform : Web / PDA / TAB/PC/Kiosks

Online surveys are usually created as Web forms with a database to store the answers and statistical software to provide analytics. We offers online survey with - Web / PDA / TAB/PC/Kiosks.

Result Analysis and Reporting

Our analysis engine presents test results depending on the type of test. Business service monitors show a dashboard of monitor statistics and service up/down status.

Multi User, Branch Based - Custom Surveys

Multiple users allow easily manage the single sign on through your network. Gather valuable data from customer feedback to product research. Create sophisticated surveys in minutes

Data Collection Tools

Data collection tools assist marketers, researchers and educators in gathering names, contact details, demographics and other personal information about groups of individuals.

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How it Works

  • Create an account for free
  • Choose the scheme from our Product plans (Basic Product is Free)
  • Input your emails where you wants to receive each survey results
  • Create Your Survey: Name, Set the duration, Place your Logo
  • Type your questions and choose your answer options
  • Summit, Preview and Get your links to send to customers or place in your website or create shortcut in your tab/pc/kiosk/pda
  • Monitor real-time results through graphical dashboard

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